Anhua SongAnhua Song is the Senior Software Engineer and bioinformatician of Dr. Lenard Zon’s Laboratory (Zon Lab). He is responsible for processing zebrafish genome data and publishing organized experiment results to the Internet.

Anhua also develops web applications used by both researchers in the Zon Lab as well as by peer scientists around the world.

In addition, Anhua administrates and maintains Linux and Windows servers, SQL databases, NAS storages and all Windows and Linux PCs for the entire laboratory.

Furthermore, Anhua writes codes for robotic machineries used in the laboratory in order to enhance their functions, and helps to maintain these robots.

Main web and desktop applications developed by Anhua include:

a. Zebrafish Chromatin Factor Results. This page populates experiment results stored in SQL Server to an ASP.NET GridView. Some further processes are taken on the fly before data has been presented to end users.

b. Experimental Summary of 'brd8a'. This page shows the detailed data and images for gene symbol 'brd8a' (as an example). To improve visualization, JavaScript and CSS are intensively used.

Beside these projects, Anhua has been developing many small desktop and web applications for laboratory researchers and peer scientists for over 10 years. Some of these projects are developed with Apache + PHP + MySql, and are deployed on Linux platform. These applications greatly facilitate the researches conducted by scientists both in the Zon lab and all over the world, and are appreciated by end users.

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